Thursday, January 16, 2014

San Francisco

   San Francisco, California is my favorite city.  It’s colorful, liberal, artistic and is located on one of the most aesthetic pieces of land in the United States.  

     I don’t spend much time in cities during my travels.  Since I am so fond of the Parks and nature and have limited time on the road, I usually avoid them.  But San Francisco is different.  It’s just a beautiful, beautiful city.   You could live there your whole life and still never run out of things to see and do.

     Point Bonita Lighthouse is located on the edge of the Golden Gate.  It will give you stunning vistas of the Bay and of the city from afar.

     Fisherman’s Wharf:

     Alcatraz from the end of Pier 39:

     The whole city is dotted with old Volkswagon Beetles.  

     Strolling around North Beach and admiring the architecture:

     City Lights Bookstore, an old hangout of some of the Beat Generation’s most prominent artists:


     The Poet’s Chair:

     I’ve always loved this green building:



     You can’t miss the Haight/Ashbury.

     Legion of Honor:

     Golden Gate Park and the Rose Garden:

     The Painted Ladies at Alamo Square:

     The Palace of the Arts:

     This is just a small taste of what San Francisco has to offer.  There are countless other sights to explore... museums, restaurants, parks, bridges.  These are just a few photos from the 2 days I spent leisurely walking around the city.  

     My hope is to one day live in or near San Francisco.  There is no other place like it.  

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